Our Youth Groups


We are pleased to update you on the many exciting new developments and initiatives in our Shabbat and Yom Tov youth groups and children's programming.

We have been tweaking and refining our programming for our 4 different age groups over the past couple of months and we are gratified by the positive feedback we are receiving. We are especially excited by the enthusiastic response to our latest initiative;, the introduction of our “Torah Dollar” incentive program which will allow our “Youth Stars” to earn amazing prizes for their participation during davening and learning in groups, as well as special incentives for additional learning and Chessed they do on their own. Please look out for our prize list booklet for more exciting details.

Our groups are as follows:                

  • Ktantanim for boys and girls ages 2 and 3
  • Torah Tots for boys and girls ages 4 and 5
  • YYB (Yavneh Youth Boys) for boys ages 6-12
  • YYG (Yavneh Youth Girls) for girls ages 6-12

First and foremost we would like to take the opportunity to thank our energetic, talented, and dedicated staff of counselors for helping to provide a safe, enjoyable, and meaningful Shabbat experience for our children:

Ktantanim:          Nicole Soussana, Laura Nickowitz, and Ashley Botnick

Torah Tots:        Becky Usdan, Shani Samuels, and Zoey Botnick

YYB:                   Emma Gurfinkel, Leiba Mentz, and Naomi Weberman

YYG:                   Our Bat Ami, Avigayil Samuels, Ellie Zisblatt, and Madeline Rubin

Additionally a special thank you goes to Mrs Elisheva Samuels for all of her help over Yom Tov and for all of the assistance and input she has given to the counselors.

In order to ensure that each child is able to have the most enjoyable experience possible we must insist on maintaining certain standards and policies:

  • All groups will be supervised from 9:30am until the end of  services.  Please do not drop off children early and please make sure to pick them up on time so we can ensure the safety of each child.
  • Each child must be in the appropriate group for their age and gender only (even if they have a sibling, cousin, or friend in another group).
  • If a child chooses not to attend the groups they must remain with a parent at all times (no roaming the halls or running back and forth between beit midrash and groups).
  • Parents are welcome to stay with their child in the Kinderflex room only. For all other groups, children must be dropped off and left in the care of the counselors (after a brief adjustment period of a few minutes when necessary).

We look forward to a rewarding and enjoyable program for you and your children! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Youth Director, Rabbi Jonathan Samuels atjsamuels@yha.org


Rabbi Einhorn                                      David Lunzer                                                 Rabbi Samuels